Welcome to a place shrouded in mystery adventure and beauty. Where history and culture meet at the crossroads of Europe & Asia and blend into one another to create an unforgettable experience. Armenia and Georgia provide a wealth of opportunities to explore for all travelers with a variety of tastes and budgets.



Welcome to your little piece of heaven. Literally come touch the sky at Mt. Aragats at 4200m or relax beside another heavenly body, Lake Sevan at 2000m. Both offer magical Armenian moments. But your tour of 'heaven' doesn't have to stop there. Many consider the gastronomic delights of Armenia complimented by wonderful wines cognacs and even beers to be of saintly praise. Armenia can offer many fascinating and unforgettable experiences. As mentioned mountain peaks for climbing exploring to the wonderful and mystical Lori valley. The country is peppered with amazing monuments that stretch back into the mists of time - including Byurakan stonehenge, the roman temple of Garni and no wonder it's heaven, many 1000 year churches home to the first Christian state. Whether your lost in some magical cave,, in the bustle of a Yerevan market (Vernisage) or even perhaps rubbing shoulders while locals at a traditional festival, Armenia can make your holiday completely heavenly.



Welcome to the hidden jewel of the south Caucus! If your adventurous spirit likes to take you to the off beaten road and explore new horizons and unchartered beauty, then Nagorno Karabakh is ready to welcome you with open arms. Get ready to step into a place that is full of friendly smiles, wonderful views, great food and endless adventure. If your passion is mountain climbing or hiking Nagorno Karabakh offers you solitary peaks for your enjoyment and spectacular views for your eyes to feast upon. And speaking of feasts, your stomach can be well looked after too, by enjoying the culinary delights of the region and their tasty wines that ripen in the warm summer sunshine. What makes the region unique is it mixed cultural roots. This opens a wide range of opportunity to travellers to experience different types of music, folklore and crafts - never mind to making new friends as well!



Welcome to the land of sea and sky!!!! Georgia offers you a little of everything to enjoy. The beaches of Batumi wait for your footsteps as you splash in the waters of the ancient Black Sea while wrapping yourself in Georgian hospitality among many of their fine restaurants. If touching the sky is your goal then Georgia can lift you high and beyond with amazing peaks of over 5000m with incredible views....and not a soul around. Georgia offers many exciting possibilities for hiking, trekking, photography, biking and skiing . A year round wonderland! And when you need to come back to earth. let your feet wander the cobblestones of Tbilisi where you can find many unique things to pique your interest. Whether it be architectural, musical or culinary, Tbilisi can ensure will you be well entertained and well fed (and watered too! - don't forget the wines and brandys of the region!) Georgian hospitality is the stuff of legend and with all the country has to offer including its warm smile, your trip will one you will always cherish.


Your apricot path !

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